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Hi, friends!

We hope you're enjoying the new PowerSheets Community Site as much as we are!

A quick note:

This site is still in 'beta mode' as we're working out a few kinks as we go. We invite you to join the TECHNICAL QUESTIONS GROUP to offer suggestions or let us know about any technical glitches or problems you may experience. We will report back with updates! You can join the group here.

Thank you!

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Introducing our Community Manager, Laura!

Don't let fear get in the way of reaching out and creating relationships! Life is too short to let fear win, amen? My favorite saying from Lara is, 'You know those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them.' I cannot wait to cheer you on!

We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Laura since January of this year, and we’ve been antsy for the day to come when we get to introduce y’all to her! She’s been working behind the scenes with us, preparing content for this new site, generating ideas to help us connect with you over social media and our shops, and generally being an awesome person to talk to on a daily basis. Some of you may know Laura as an MTH 2015 alum, or from her own business, Laura Kathryn Creative. For those of you who don’t know her, you’re in for a treat!

Laura is our new Designer and Community Manager, so she’ll be in charge of creating content like free downloads and printables, worksheets, and graphics that we hope will get you fired up and help you do the good work of making what matters happen! She’ll also be coaching you through your PowerSheets in our various community groups, and lending an ear to your suggestions and feedback.

We can’t wait for y’all to see how encouraging and calming Laura is — be sure to say hi to her in your community groups and in the comments below!


What's your story in a few sentences?
I live in a beautiful little farm town in Illinois with my husband, Alex and our two sweet girls. After we got married, I left the corporate design world to start my own freelance photography and design business. Now, five years later, I spend my days designing beautiful things with creative people and playing tea party and finger painting. Can life get sweeter?

What's your favorite color?
Green - in every shade!

What fires you up about spring?
A fresh start, blossoms, green grass, open windows, running outside, flying kites, sidewalk chalk masterpieces with my three year old, outdoor picnics at the park and sunshine!

What did you learn from attending the Making Things Happen Conference?
I went to Making Things Happen thinking I'd learn the "secret sauce" of creating a great business and making big things happen. I left with a complete mindset shift on the person I wanted to be for myself, my family and my clients. I learned the legacy I wanted to leave and how I could make my days simpler, more joyful and more purposeful. I learned that being present is the best gift I can give myself and others. You can read more about my MTH experience here.

What was your favorite part about the MTH Conference?
Other than the incredible life change I've experienced since attending in 2014, I love the friendships I've made! I've gotten to cheer on the other alums as they chase what fires them up and watch them bloom right where they are. Getting to connect in real life with the people behind the Instagram feeds I follow was so good for my soul.

Powersheets Stickers

What is your favorite part of the PowerSheets?
The Download and Tending List pages! I look forward to the fresh start and clear plan the Tending List gives me at the start of each month.

Have you used any PowerSheets stickers lately? Which ones?
Ah, the stickers! Who knew they could still bring so much joy? I love using the little colorful checkmarks for the monthly and weekly items on my Tending List. The "I'm Grateful For...." stickers are also a favorite.

What do you love about being a designer?
I love getting to tell a story with images and words. My most favorite projects involve creating visual stories with smart typography, beautiful photography and the good old-fashioned printed page.

What encouragement can you give to our PowerSheets community?
Don't let fear get in the way of of reaching out and creating relationships! Life is too short to let fear win, amen? My favorite saying from Lara is, 'You know those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them.' I cannot wait to cheer you on!

Laura Kashner

What's your word for 2016?

Anything else our community should know about you?
I get really fired up about summer beach vacations, beautiful books, creative people, a yummy brunch and spending time with my little family! I'm also training for my 7th Half Marathon (my first one post-babies) and could definitely use some encouragement! If you're a running mama, let's connect!

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Welcome to the PowerSheets Community Site!

Welcome to the PowerSheets Community Site, friends! We're so glad you're here and can't wait for you to dive in! We'd love to take you on a little tour of the site so you can take full advantage of your intentional goal-setting experience!

The site is divided into two generic sections. The left side of the navigation menu is for searching the community - goals, members and groups. These pages are only visible to PowerSheets members who are logged in. The right side of the site houses is your user information and resources.




The Goals page allows you to search through the goals set by members of our community! Use the filters to find goals that are similar to yours, and encourage users as they tend to theirs by clicking the "encourage" button on each goal.


The Members page allows you to search through all the members in our community! Use the filters to find members who are local to you, or who share similar interests. Click on a member to view their Profile page.


The Groups page allows you to create community in two ways. You can join one of our larger online groups to connect with others who are similar to you, or create your own local group to arrange meet-ups! Don't see an online group that you think would be a great resource? You can "Suggest A Group" and Laura, our Community Manager, will review your suggestion and create new groups based on demand and need.

Blog & Store

These pages will take you to the PowerSheets Community Blog and Lara Casey Shop!


At the top of the Feed, you'll see your user information along with a Daily Prompt where members can converse and interact with each other. Below that, you'll see our restricted content:  live streams, videos, downloads and blog posts exclusive to PowerSheets Community Members.

My Profile

The "My Profile" tab has a dropdown menu with four items: My Groups, My Goals, Edit My Profile and Log Out.

You'll see the same user information as the "Feed" with a monthly checklist added to the right. Below that, you'll see your monthly and yearly goals. You can create new goals here via the "Make A Goal" button.


You'll be notified when you receive encouragement on a goal or a group invite.


At the footer of each page, you can follow along on social media, sign up for our newsletter, read our FAQ and About pages, contact us, and learn about the Making Things Happen Conference.

We hope you enjoy your tour around the site!

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Our Mission

Hi, friends!

We're thrilled to introduce our new site and the mission behind this community!

Do any ever find yourself thinking one of these things?

  • I like goal-setting, but I tend to forget about my goals as the year goes on.
  • I need somebody to keep me accountable.
  • I get easily overwhelmed and lack motivation to make progress on my goals.
  • I wish I had more friendships with people who understand me and what's important to me.

We've found ourselves thinking them, too!

What if there was a safe place to share your goals? What if an accountability partner was just a text message away? What if hundreds of women, just like you, cheered you on daily and encouraged you as you made what matters happen? What if you could connect with women in similar stages of life with similar interests and backgrounds? What if your online friendships turned into real life relationships?

Our hope is that the Making Things Happen community site will be the tool that allows all of those things to happen. Members will receive PowerSheets coaching, live stream encouragement from Lara, and monthly goodies to inspire you on your intentional goal-setting journey. Making Things Happen is a place for PowerSheets users to connect with each other and get daily encouragement on their goals. Our mission is to encourage community and provide accountability to help women take action on their meaningful goals.

We are better together, friends. Our mission is to help each other cultivate what matters.

Powerful goals change lives. Are you ready to make it happen? Join the community by purchasing a set of PowerSheets from the Lara Casey Shop -- you'll receive a free subscription to the site when you do.

Since their creation four years ago by Lara Casey, author of Make It Happen: Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, Live on Purpose, PowerSheets have helped countless women uncover purpose-filled goals and strategically plan action steps to make what matters happen in their lives. A community of accountability, encouragement, and camaraderie has helped thousands of PowerSheets users cultivate more meaningful lives. Join today to get encouragement over fear, build relationships, and take action on your goals.

With PowerSheets, creative businesses have been started, marriages have been strengthened, big ideas have come to live, new ideas have changed lives, fear has been let go, and best of all: the little moments that matter have been savored. PowerSheets have revolutionized the way women set and act on powerful goals.


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