PowerSheets Preorder Update!

When the Cultivate team launched 2017 PowerSheets on November 1st, we never could have imagined how quickly every single one of our 2017 PowerSheets Workbooks would end up in the hands of women (and men!) across the world! Of course, that was our dream all along, and we were humbled when we sold out earlier this month!


Something has happened since then, though. There has been a ripple effect. As your family and friends are watching you begin to live intentionally, they want to know what you're doing differently, what product you're using. We're received a flood of emails, phone calls and social media questions and requests for a restock. You've shared your heartfelt stories about how PowerSheets are helping you-whether its your first year using them or your fifth year-cultivate the most important things in your life. Hear us loud and clear that while yes, the PowerSheets are an incredible resource and tool, they are just that, a tool. YOU are uncovering your purpose and YOU are living it out!

We are grateful and excited to share that we have a small batch of undated PowerSheets available for preorder in the Cultivate Shop! These Undated Six-Month PowerSheets will ship by late May, arriving just in time for you to begin June goal-setting for the last half of the year! We are so excited knowing that so many first-time PowerSheets users and those of you who purchased a single Six-Month PowerSheets Workbook will be able to finish the year strong!

If you don't have a set of PowerSheets yet, you might be wondering what you're supposed to do until May. We want to encourage you: start now. Don't wait. Start small or start big, or somewhere in between, but just get going. Good goals are about stewarding what you've been given well, and there's no magical day or circumstances or things needed for that. Today, tomorrow, or even February 1st could be your January 1st!

Preorder your Six-Month PowerSheets today!

IMG_9960 (1)

We are so excited for this new batch of PowerSheets to land in your hands in May! Here are a few questions we've been asked so far!

When will they ship? They will ship by late May from our warehouse in North Carolina to arrive in time for your June goal-setting!

What if I order a sticker book, journal, etc. with my order? Those will be held until your PowerSheets are available to ship. We recommend you placing your orders separately if you want those items now. Be sure to take a peek at our Monthly Tab Stickers in Gold Foil. We created those just for our Undated PowerSheets!

When will you have One Year PowerSheets restocked/available for preorder? We will not be restocking or creating a preorder for the One Year workbooks. We will release the 2018 One Year PowerSheets Workbook later this fall!

Do you have a digital version available for download? We don't offer digital downloads for PowerSheets, but recommend starting with Lara's 2017 Goal-Setting Series and reading her book, Make It Happen!

What colors will be available for preorder? All 3 colors will be available for preorder while supplies last!

When will I be charged? You will be charged at the time of the order, and your PowerSheets will ship by late May.

Why doesn't the Cultivate team simply order more PowerSheets and stop selling out of everything? We are a small team of 8 women, with only 4 of us running the Cultivate side. While we'd love the whole world to have these products in their hands, we are doing our best to grow small and intentionally at a pace we can support.

I don't have PowerSheets yet, what am I going to do between now and May/June? We have goal setting resources available to you to start right now! We encourage you to dig into Lara's Goal-Setting Series today as she walks you through her personal Prep Work and 2017 goals. Her book, Make It Happen, is also a great resource, and it uses similar prompts to the PowerSheets process! We're working on other resources, so stay tuned for exclusive details available to 2017 PowerSheets users!

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It’s Okay to Grow Slow + PowerSheets Update

Hello, friends! As many of you have heard, we are officially sold out of all 2017 PowerSheets. We've gotten a lot of questions about why we didn't order more, so we wanted to pull back the curtain a bit and share some of the backstory from Lara...

Here's the thing, friends. Several months ago, I had a few sleepless and prayerful nights before deciding on how many PowerSheets to order for 2017. After analyzing and discussing and praying some more, we tripled our quantities from 2016. We wanted to do more (and order a lot of new products) but we didn't. We chose to grow slow and smart. We ordered the exact amount we knew we could handle well, and held off on ordering all those new products till just recently - they will launch in the spring.

You see, these kinds of decisions are big. They have the potential to impact my family if I make choices that aren't wise or that are too risky. Praise Him, all of our inventory landed in hands across the world. We are so grateful. THANK YOU so much for your support of our shop! And words can't express how thankful I am that I listened to the Lord and didn't grow beyond our capacity too fast. We are a small team of eight, and four of us run the Cultivate What Matters side of things. We want to stay small. Because small doesn't mean that we aren't making an impact.

Small means we get to talk on the phone with many of you, one-to-one. Small means we get to know your stories. Small means we get quality over quantity. Will we be ordering more for 2018? Yes. We likely will. And at a pace that we can support well. I want to be here for the long-haul, and the long-haul means doing what you can with what you have--one wise step at a time. It's okay to grow slow, friends.

If you missed getting a set of PowerSheets, you haven't missed out on having an intentional year! Lara's free 2017 goal setting series is live on her blog right now (start here), and we're grateful that so many friends are finding it helpful! The new Make It Happen book + journal bundle in our shop is also a great option to follow along. If you're looking to kick your goal setting up a notch, we invite you to join us in person at the Making Things Happen Intensive this March! Cheering you on!

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How To Set Good Goals for 2017

We don’t do traditional pressure-filled, do-it-all goal setting around here. We uncover intentional, less-is-more goals. This is grace-filled goal setting. We set “good goals.”

Good goals are about stewarding what you’ve been given well: your relationships, your money, your possessions, your work, your children, your home, your health, and your time. A little intentional forethought goes a long way!

We are humbled to say we are sold out of both our One-Year and Six-Month PowerSheets, but that doesn't mean you can't set intentional goals for the year! Lara Casey shared her Sixth Annual Goal-Setting Series on her blog last week, and it's the perfect place to get started on cultivating your most intentional year yet! Grab a journal (we recommend the Make It Happen Journal from the shop!), and join Lara as she walks you through her Personal PowerSheets Prep Work for 2017!


We are completely sold out of our 2017 PowerSheets, and we are looking into getting a small batch of Six-Month #PowerSheets for the second half of the year, but that doesn't mean you have to wait! Use Lara's Goal-Setting Series to dig in right now. There is nothing magical about January 1st (or June 1st for that matter!)

Do you need the PowerSheets and Make It Happen book to have an intentional year? No. You don’t need any thing to live this life well. They are great tools if you choose to use them, but if you only do this blog series, and use scrap paper to write your answers, that’s great too. Use what you have! If you are someone who has been stuck in indecision lately, or feeling fear about diving into new things, join us in making a mess and dig in!


Part One: Let's Get Started!

Part Two: Cultivate What Matters

Part Three: Say Yes, Say No, Choose a Word

Part Four: Uncover Intentional Goals

Part Five: Make It Happen!



Have you set your goals for the year? If so, leave them as a comment so we can cheer you on!

Still need more direction after Lara's Goal-Setting Series?

1. Grab a copy of Lara's book, Make it Happen.

2. Explore the rest of the Cultivate What Matters community site for resources and encouragement!

3. Join Lara and the rest of the Cultivate team in person for the Making Things Happen Conference in March.

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5 Things to Know about the MTH Experience

1. It's phone-free. Yes, you read that right! Before you enter the conference room, we'll ask you to turn off your phones and leave them in our care. We firmly believe this time is yours to dig deep, get honest, and leave distractions behind. So many of our attendees leave the conference not wanting to turn their phones back on! We offer an emergency number for baby sitters, spouses, and anyone else who might need to get in immediate contact with you so that you can get the most out of your two days with us.

MTH Phone Free
Image by Carrie Joy Photography.

2. We give you time to think. It sounds simple, doesn't it? But we think this is a game-changer. Instead of spending two days presenting ideas to you, we want you to participate in the process. We'll lead you through powerful prompts and activities so that you do the work with us, not after you get home. Throughout the two days, we'll take focused breaks instead of distracted ones -- giving you time to journal your thoughts.

MTH Community
Image by Carrie Joy Photography.

3. You'll want to leave the heels at home... Get comfy ladies. You're likely to kick off whatever shoes you're wearing to curl them up beneath you and your hair is likely to get thrown into a ponytail before the end of the day. MTH isn't about impressing anyone. It's about coming as you are to do real and powerful work.

MTH Fireside Chats
Image by Carrie Joy Photography.

4. ...And bring your comfiest pajamas. One of our favorite parts of MTH is our fireside chats on Monday and Tuesday evening! Our Chief Encouragement Officer, Kristin, and one of our speakers, Carrie, host these casual nighttime chats to unwind after conference days and process any thoughts that came to light.

MTH Community
Image by Robyn Van Dyke Photography.

5. We want you to get in community. You'll be assigned to a small breakout group that's full of people who are similar to you and want to make similar things happen. We think this is a great way to get more intimate time together, and to create new friendships that reflect your priorities and practice MTH principles. Additionally, you'll get an accountability partner to follow up with after the intensive, ensuring a new friendship and some extra encouragement on your action list! Finally, while there's little socializing during the conference, we encourage everyone to get dinner and breakfast together, talk during Fireside Chats, and spend our last hour of the conference getting to know each other!

Want to know more about MTH? Explore our gallery, read our FAQ, and scroll through our hashtag #MTHConference!


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2017 PowerSheets Prep Week is here!

All too often, we try to squeeze in goal planning between Christmas and New Year's. This year, the Cultivate team has declared this week, #PowerSheetsPrepWeek! We hope you'll join us this week for intentional time preparing for 2017!

We've created this action item list for all the ways you can participate with us this week.

Be sure and follow @CultivateWhat Matters on Instagram, as we'll be sharing our best practical tips with you each day. On Tuesday, the team will be doing our own individual PowerSheets and sharing our prep work with you on Instagram Stories!

PowerSheets Prep 2017 Lara Casey Webinar

On Wednesday, Lara will be doing a live 2017 PowerSheets webinar. Sign up for free here. If you can’t make it live, do not miss getting the recording to watch later. This will be a quick broadcast packed with all our best PowerSheets prep tips from the last four years! Register here.

Lara Casey PowerSheets Hooray Bundle

Also new this week to the Cultivate What Matters Shop: The Hooray Bundle! It includes some of our favorite accessories to your PowerSheets to start 2017 on a high note, including the Make Life Happen mini print, Sticker Book, and our newly restocked pen set.

We hope you'll join us this week! Be sure and tag your social media shares with #PowerSheetsPrepWeek to be entered to win some fun prizes! We'll be giving away a $25 Cultivate What Matters Shop gift card each day, chosen randomly from those who participate and share via the hashtag #PowerSheetsPrepWeek.

Alright 2017, we're coming for you!

P.S. The last day to order PowerSheets for you or a loved one for Christmas delivery is this Thursday, December 15th. Order yours today!


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