Your PowerSheets Are Here. Now What?

Now that PowerSheets preorders have shipped (and a month ahead of schedule to boot!), we know many of you are transitioning from excitement (pictured above) to nervousness, wondering "what do I do now?"

One of our goals is to provide practical and encouraging tips on how to cultivate what matters in your own lives, so we've rounded up some of our favorite first steps to PowerSheets Prep Work! These might seem simple on the surface, but we've found that simple is often helpful!

Write your name in your Powersheets. Yes, this is important if you ever leave your PowerSheets somewhere, but there's actually a different reason we tell you do this right away. One of the most important steps in the PowerSheets process is to let go of perfection and get comfortable with making a mess. That means you have to start writing in your PowerSheets, and there's no better place to start than writing your name and date you started! Find that page, and start scribbling. No perfection required!

Find the stickers. One of the things that consistently makes me smile is learning how many of our PowerSheets friends didn't realize there were stickers in the back of each workbook. While I'm happy they had a fun surprise a few months into goal-setting, I want you to be using the stickers throughout the Prep Work and Monthly Goal Pages. So go on a little scavenger hunt, find those sticker pages, and put your favorite next to where you just wrote your name!

Join PowerSheets Facebook Group. Accountability is everything when it comes the PowerSheets process. Yes, PowerSheets are intentionally designed, but they are only as effective as you are in doing the work. If you're a Facebook user, find our PowerSheets Facebook group. Thousands of women are here offering encouragement and inspiration throughout their journey to cultivate what matters!

Learn from others. If I could sit down with each of you (over chips and guac, of course!) and walk you through the PowerSheets Prep Work, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Why? Because I know how overwhelming it can be to get started, and I LOVE seeing the moment everything starts to click in your eyes. Since that isn't feasible, I want to invite you into our PowerSheets process! We're by no means experts, but we love sharing what we're learning and how we make PowerSheets work for us. Lara's Goal-Setting Series on her blog walks you through her personal PowerSheets Prep, and the Cultivate team shares our PowerSheets Prep Party each month on the blog.

Be realistic, and set mile markers for yourself. Finishing all 40 pages of your PowerSheets Prep Work in one sitting is certainly possible, but it isn't necessary (and sometimes it isn't even feasible). Instead of waiting for the "perfect time" to dig in, make right now the perfect time. One of my favorite pieces of advice is to break the Prep Work into smaller pieces to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Start with completing three pages in one sitting. If you have time to do more, that's great. If not, that's great too. Just make a plan to come back to it, even if it's only a 30-minute break. I can promise you the little by little will add up!


Thanks for sharing, Maria!

Veteran PowerSheets users, it's your turn-hop in the comments and share what you wish you knew when you started your PowerSheets journey. We have so much to learn from one another!

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April 2017 Goals Round-Up

Happy April, friends! It's that time of the month where we share a monthly goals round-up!

The whole reason we changed the name of our business last year was because we knew we needed a platform to tell other people's stories-YOUR stories-and the Monthly Goals Round-Up were born!

Remember, keep sharing your goals with us each month so that we can cheer you on! Whether you're posting in our PowerSheets Facebook Group, leaving us a comment on social media, or using the #PowerSheets hashtag, we love seeing what you are working towards each month!

So, without further ado, here are some of YOUR April goals!

PS. If you haven't seen the news yet, Six-Month PowerSheets arrived early and they're shipping as we speak! Order a set today to start cultivating what matters!

Six-Month PowerSheets Goals Round Up

Thanks for sharing, Kasey!

One of my favorite part of these Goal Round-ups is hearing about your progress from the previous month! Rachel kept some of her goals the same, and she refreshed others depending on what March looked like!

Mary incorporated fun celebrations and events into her April Tending List, like enjoying Master's Weekend and celebrating her birthday! We love the idea of adding fun events as monthly goals!

The end of March means the end of the first quarter of 2017, and it's a great time to go back to your 2017 goals. Amanda shared her goals for the year, and it's great encouragement if you're in need of a refresh.

If you're feeling like you already want to give up on your goals, Megan's post is for you! Her honesty about making little by little progress is so encouraging to me!

Need help figuring out where to focus in April? Karyn's post challenges us to think about what worked well, what didn't work, and lessons you learned! If you're feeling stuck on your goals, start there.

You can tell Courtney uses her PowerSheets! She tears our her Tending List each month, folds it up, and makes sure she has it with her so she can track her progress. That's exactly why we added perforation to 2017 PowerSheets!

Lindsey's PowerSheets might be some of my favorite, because they have a few coffee stains on them (just like mine!) Further proof that your PowerSheets shouldn't be perfect; they should be used! Cheering you on, Lindsey!

If you've posted your goals somewhere, we'd love to see them! Feel free to drop them in the comments, too-no fancy blog required! We can't wait to take a peek into what this month holds and cheer you on!

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PowerSheets Party – April 2017

Happy April, friends!

On the final Friday of each month, the team hops on Instagram stories to share our personal PowerSheets prep with each of you! Join us in sharing your prep work each month using the hashtag #PowerSheets on social media so our team can cheer you on and encourage you as you cultivate what matters. This month's PowerSheets Party is actually one of my favorites, which might surprise you since it didn't involve me at all! Our lovely Marketing Director, Amber, and Southern Weddings' Editor-In-Chief, Kristin Winchester, shared their April PowerSheets with you, and it's so fun to watch!

My favorite part? How Amber and Kristin both used their PowerSheets in completely different ways. Kristin's willingness to say, "watercolors just aren't my thing" and use something different was so refreshing to me personally, and I hope each of you felt the same way!

If you haven't finished your April PowerSheets Prep yet, that's okay! Take some time today to dig in! Even if you only fill in a few items on your to-do list, it's still better than a blank page!

Share your April goals in the comments below. We'd love to read about what you have planned for the month!

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Cultivate Fresh Faith Webinar with Lara Casey and Shanna Noel

If you've been following along on Instagram and the Cultivate blog, you've seen my many sneak peeks at our new Write the Word journals (Exhibit A, B, C). Well, I'm thrilled to finally tell you that we have a date for our Spring Product Launch: Wednesday, April 12th!

To celebrate, Lara will be hosting a FREE Cultivate Fresh Faith Webinar with Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith. Lara and Shanna will be talking about cultivating faith, Bible journaling (seriously, search the #illustratedfaith hashtag on Instagram and prepare to be inspired), how writing the Word can transform your faith, and how to dig into the Bible in fresh ways.

Lara will also be releasing the new collection of Write the Word journals on camera, and she'll share more about the themes in each journal.

If you are not able join us live at noon EST, there's no need to fret! A replay will be available for all those that have registered, so be sure to sign up to receive access to the broadcast afterwards!

We can't wait to spend some time with you next week!


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Join the Cultivate Book Launch Team

We've been throwing confetti around the office since Lara officially revealed the Cultivate book cover, and we have been so grateful for all your support! So grateful, in fact, that we want to send some metaphorical confetti your way by inviting you to join the official Cultivate Book Launch Team! We are truly humbled and grateful for the ways that each of you have encouraged Lara and the rest of our team during the writing process, and we're thrilled that we are able to invite you into celebrating alongside of us!

We're looking for a team who wholeheartedly believes in the importance of cultivating what matters, right where you are, and is eager to share the mission of the Cultivate book with their communities! Launch team members will receive an advanced digital copy of the book, exclusive access to our private Facebook group, a behind the scenes look of the book launch process, and an opportunity for free goodies and fun along the way!

Applications close Friday, April 14th, so make haste and apply today! We're looking forward to putting this team together and getting to know so many of you in the process!

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