My Word of the Year – Rachel Anne Hopper

We're thrilled to introduce the next edition of "My Word of the Year" featuring Rachel Anne Hopper! Read below about how she's implementing CONTENT into her life this year and how she's making what matters happen.

Tell us who you are and what fires you up:
Hi y’all!  My name is Rachel Anne Hopper, and I am a wife, mom, friend, encourager, and a believer living life with an attitude of grace, gratitude and grit. I have a wonderful family, strong and beautiful friends, and I love my work as a college administrator.

What fires me up?

  • My daughter's laugh and the way my husband dances me around the kitchen
  • Simplicity, joy and living a life on purpose
  • Faithful friendships
  • Hospitality
  • Fresh flowers
  • The perfect crescendo in a song

What do you value the most?

  • God’s grace
  • My husband and daughter
  • Cultivating relationships
  • Encouraging and caring for others

If you could envision your most fulfilling year yet, what would it look like?
I would see relationships flourishing, a year full of giving, and the knowledge that I made wise decisions.  I want to look back on 2016 and know that I chose the best yes’s in life, made good decisions for my family, walked with God, spent our finances wisely. Also, I would see relationships flourishing instead of accumulating stuff or status. I’d remember more laughing than crying, more date nights than meetings all night, and purpose over perfection. I would look back over my year to see gratitude and grace given and received. In reflecting over the past months, I realized I have lived out my most purposeful year yet!  Keep going lady, you’ve got this!


What is your word for this year? 

How have you implemented this word into your life so far this year?
My word for the year is content because God is enough, which makes me enough.  I want to bloom where I am planted within the season I am placed.  I don’t need all the extras in life.  I don’t need the next title or new, shiny thing.  God has called me good, and I want to rest in that.  One example of how I have implemented this is to evaluate my ‘needs’ versus my ‘wants’.  If I come across something that I want, then it goes on my wants list for 30 days.  If at the end of the 30 days I still want it, then we will figure out a way for it to go into the budget.   Another example is evaluating my motivation for my extra-curricular activities.  Am I part of an organization because of status motives?  Do I want to attend an event because of who may be there?  These questions help me identify motivations and steer clear of what may draw me away from contentment.

What are you saying yes to this year?
I am saying yes to spending time in God’s word, meaningful relationships, focusing on my family, prayer, grace to myself and others, loving hard and laughing loud.

And, what are you saying no to this year?
I am saying no to comparison, lies of lack, ‘need’ for things, status and perfection.

Where do you want to be when you're 80?
In November 2015, I sat at MTH while Lara asked me to think about my 80-year-old self. When I closed my eyes to envision this, I saw myself sitting next to my husband, and we were watching our family (children, their spouses, grandchildren) laughing loud and loving hard. I looked at my children's faces and saw joy. I looked at my husband and saw more than 50 years of better, worse, memories, hard work, commitment and dedication. I looked at my able body and saw a well-loved, yet fragile being.  Then, I started to look deeper at my vision. When I looked at my children and their spouses, I saw relationships thriving because we modeled marriage and therefore our children desired marriage. Likewise, when I looked at my children taking care of their own little ones, it told me that my husband and I modeled parenthood in such a way that our children wanted to lead a family. In my vision I also had an able body - strong, nurtured and cared for.  I want every decision I make to lead me to that vision.

Thank you so much for sharing, Rachel! We're cheering you on as you chase CONTENT this year!

Follow Rachel on Instagram at @rachelannehopper.

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Meet Our Contributors – Christine Dore

The LC Team is so excited to introduce our next PowerSheets Community Blog Contributor - Christine Dore! Over the next several months, Christine will share openly about her PowerSheets journey. We hope that you'll be encouraged by her progress over perfection, and can take away some of her tips for making the PowerSheets work best for her. We are excited for this community to get a glimpse into these PowerSheets users' lives and how they're making what matters happen. Get to know a little bit about Christine below and stay tuned for her first contributor post in the coming weeks! 

What's your story in a few sentences?
Like all of us, I am many things and wear many fabulous hats. I am a Texas native, Florida-raised, Philadelphia-educated, Boston resident, daughter, sister, fiancée, friend, writer, editor, creative, knitter, baker, and many more!

What's your favorite color?
All of them! I am a Florida girl to the core; in the depths of Boston winters, I wear a hot pink coat and knit bright scarves.

What fires you up about spring?
Spring is especially sweet to me now that I live in the North East. I am invigorated by colorful tulips popping out of the frosty ground and trees sprouting new green leaves. After months of grey, bland days and frigid temperatures, you can’t help but walk around in the sun with a smile on your face!

I love having friends over for a cookout together. I adore exploring vintage and antique fairs with my fiancé and picking up items with stories to decorate our home. Simple things, like sitting outside on the longer evenings reading a book, bring me joy.

Copyright © Michelle Behre 2016

How long have you used the PowerSheets and how have they helped you in the past?
I started using PowerSheets in December of 2015. I was in a completely chaotic chapter of my life—working full time with a long commute, wedding planning, freelancing, and trying to forge a new path in my career. I was so consumed with the options before me, that I couldn’t take a step in any direction. I decided to give PowerSheets a whirl to start to make the big goals in my head something more than just a little glimmer of hope. I consider that whirl one of the distinct “God moments” in my life—one of those seemingly spontaneous actions that changes everything. Looking back, I know that whirl was absolutely God saying to my heart, “Here, sweetheart, you can do this. You just need some direction.” Diving in, I finally felt like I had the tools to build my own compass.

More than six months later, the trappings of my life are still the same from the outside looking in—I’m still working a full-time, corporate job with a long commute, I’m up to my eyeballs in wedding planning, and I don’t have any concrete plans for the future—but my entire outlook has changed and I am far from paralyzed. I know where I’m going, and exactly what steps I’m going to take to get there. The path may curve or dip but I’ve got my compass now.

What is your favorite part of the PowerSheets?
I love the goal breakdown pages. I am a list queen, and I’ve been known to make a list of the lists I need to write (hello, wedding planning!). These pages speak to my list-loving heart. They help me break down big, scary goals into “I can totally do this” action plans. They remind me why I made the goal in the first place, and why achieving it matters to more than just me. That’s a lot of empowerment in one little page.

Copyright © Michelle Behre 2016

Tell us about one of your goals for the year. 
One of my goals for this year is to create new content every week. And look: I’m doing it right now! I am thrilled to become a part of the PowerSheets team, and doubly so because it helps me achieve one of the goals I set for myself this year.

What is your favorite PowerSheets sticker? 
The brightly colored arrow stickers are my favorite. They have so many uses! Whether you slap one on a page next to a challenging word to pump yourself, tuck one in a spot that reminds you to love yourself, or fold over the end to use it as a tab—these little guys are my PowerSheets all-stars.

As a contributor, what encouragement can you give to our PowerSheets community?
I am right there with you. I have big goals and even bigger dreams. I was completely paralyzed by self-doubt and the overwhelming task of changing my life. I won’t sugar coat it, and I won’t tell you just what you want to hear, and I definitely won’t pretend I’m crossing every item off my tending list each month. I will share my story with you—all of it. The beauty of this community is in accepting progress over perfection; I know I feel empowered and encouraged by people who are real and open and honest. I hope my story makes you feel like we’re in this together, because we are!

Copyright © Michelle Behre 2016

What's your word for 2016?
Change! I’m getting married in June, growing my freelance business, applying for graduate school, and working toward some big goals. I am very much in a season of change in my life and am so excited for each and every one.

Anything else our community should know about you? 
I want to hear from you! Please feel free to shoot me a note in the comments, via email, or on social media—I would love to hear about what y’all are working on.

Thank you for sharing, Christine! We're looking forward to hearing about your PowerSheets journey this year!

Follow Christine at:

Instagram  •  Twitter  •  Pinterest  •  Facebook  •  LinkedIn

Photographs by Michelle Behre Photography

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Meet Our Contributors – Mattye Woodcock

The LC Team is so excited to introduce our next PowerSheets Community Blog Contributor - Mattye Woodcock! Over the next several months, Mattye will share openly about her PowerSheets journey. We hope that you'll be encouraged by her progress over perfection, and can take away some of Mattye's tips  for making the PowerSheets work best for her. We are excited for this community to get a glimpse into these PowerSheets users' lives and how they're making what matters happen. Get to know a little bit about Mattye below and stay tuned for her first contributor post in the coming weeks! 

What's your story in a few sentences?

If I had to sum up my story in one sentence, it would be that I am a woman saved by grace. Connecting with my Creator has been the single most impactful thing I have done in my life, and my story is shaped by how He is constantly making me new and calling me into the life He created for me to live. I am passionate about Jesus, marriage, true love, real friendship, writing, and connecting with people. I love taking walks in my neighborhood with my husband, and as often as possible, I dig into the butter and sugar to whip up my new favorite Lemon Bundt cake or my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. I’m so excited to be here and get to share life with y’all!

PowerSheets_Lemon Cake

What's your favorite color?

Lavender has been a longtime favorite, and lately I’ve been drawn to bold pink and navy blue. I am also loving gingham right now. I know that’s not a color, but I still thought it was worth a shout out!

What fires you up about spring?

This spring is a special one for me. It’s the first spring in our new house, and one of my favorite surprises has been all the flowers blooming in our yard! At the beginning of March, my husband and I went through a miscarriage, and in a simple, sweet way, the flowers have brought me joy and given me hope. They remind me of life and that spring always comes after winter.

I’ve also loved seeing all the people in our neighborhood! We moved in late fall, so this is the first season where people have been out and about. There is an energy it brings, and I love seeing people tending to their lives. Relationships are tended as people go on walks together or play with their kids, fitness is tended as people run and exercise, and homes, yards, and cars are tended as people get their hands dirty and make things happen! It makes me wonder if my neighbors are PowerSheets users, too!


How long have you used the PowerSheets and how have they helped you in the past?

I started my first set of PowerSheets in 2013. I diligently worked through the prep work (even when it felt hard!), but I couldn’t quite get into the flow with my Tending Lists. Then I attended Making Things Happen in October 2013, and everything clicked. I completed the sample tending sheet they gave us at MTH, and I took it home to guide my November.  After one month, I was hooked. The Tending List helped create such clarity and steps for action, and I saw results. I continued using my PowerSheets as I worked toward my big goal of launching my blog, The LovingKind. I have continued using PowerSheets ever since, and enjoy them more and more each year. I am amazed and grateful at the strides they have helped me take toward living a life of purpose that is driven by what matters most in my heart.

What is your favorite part of the PowerSheets?

My favorite part of using PowerSheets is the tending list! I love mapping out a plan and seeing progress toward reaching big dreams through little-by-little action steps. My tending list keeps me engaged and inspired to pursue my goals while satisfying my list-loving heart. It helps me know what to say yes to, what to say no to, and to evaluate how I’m doing along the way. The tending list tangibly shows me that perfection isn’t the goal, but progress is. I may not be able to check off every box, but I am able to make meaningful things happen by pursuing purposeful action and embracing grace.


Tell us about one of your goals for the year. 

I set 10 goals this year, and each one is led by my word of the year, “Grow.” One of my goals is to “Grow Home.” My husband and I put intentional time, effort, and prayer into buying the right home, and now that we are in it, we are putting the same intention into growing it to be a place of peace, hospitality, and sincere love. Practically, this shows up on my tending list through things like “research mattress and bed for guest room,” “clean out the office,” “cook weekly,” and “host friends.”

What is your favorite PowerSheets sticker? 

I love the gold foil “What Matters Most” sticker with the arrow! I use it in my prep work pages to help center me and to point out the really important things.

As a contributor, what encouragement can you give to our PowerSheets community?

You can do it and it is worth it! PowerSheets aren’t about a quick and easy fix, but they are about digging deep into what matters most in your heart and creating an actionable, fun plan to make it happen. My best advice for you, my PowerSheets friends, is to commit to the process. Diving in may feel uncomfortable at first, as new things often do, but if you’ll stick with it, you will be amazed at the beautiful things they help you create in your life like stronger relationships, completed projects, a peaceful home, focused days, and a meaningful legacy. Your best life is planted somewhere inside your heart, and PowerSheets are a great companion to help you uncover it.

View More:

What's your word for 2016?

My word for the year is Grow!  As I worked through the prep work this year, I felt like I had some good patterns and things happening in my life (thanks to several seasons of using PowerSheets!), and I felt compelled to focus on intentionally growing the areas that matter most.

Anything else our community should know about you? 

I’m cheering you on, and I would love to know what your PowerSheets are helping you make happen! If you are on this site, you have already taken an amazing step toward cultivating purpose in your life. I get wildly fired up about women intentionally approaching their lives in order to walk more fully in who we are made to be. I am beyond excited to be in this community with you, and I have so much faith that the best is yet to come. Our lives are such a precious gift, y’all. Let’s make them happen like we believe they really matter, because they do.

Thank you for sharing, Mattye! We're looking forward to hearing about your PowerSheets journey this year!

Follow Mattye at: (site coming soon!)


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PowerSheets Site Update!

Hi, friends!

We're excited to let you know about some updates to the PowerSheets site. Thank you for your feedback and questions in the Technical Questions Group - we really appreciate it!

Here's what's new:

   1. Users can choose to receive email notifications for their groups. Just click on "email options" on the left sidebar when you go to each of your groups!

Tech Questions_PowerSheets 2

     2. Group leaders can choose to send welcome emails. This is a great way to introduce group members to the rest of the group, or give them a little more information about the group they've joined. Everyone in the group will receive this email regardless of their email settings, so use with caution.

Tech Questions_PowerSheets 3

     3. Group leaders can opt out of receiving email notifications. When you're on a group's page, you'll see a "Your Email Status Is:" dropdown to select your preference.

Tech Questions_PowerSheets

   4. You can read old notifications. View, mark as unread or delete old notifications in your Feed.

Tech Questions_PowerSheets 4

   5. Group filters are easier to use!You can now filter by online groups or local teams, and choose how you want groups to sort on the lefthand sidebar.

Tech Questions_PowerSheets 5

We're always trying to make your experience on better! Thank you again for helping us improve the usability of our community site!

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Bloom this May!

Happy May, friends!

As everything bursts to life this season, we feel the momentum kick up in our lives, too. For us, multiple business projects take off all at once in the spring. Everyone seems to be traveling, moving, or making big changes. The days speed by and suddenly it's May.

This may, we're going to flourish and bloom together. We just have to keep filling our buckets with fuel. For every step you've taken, every goal you've gotten closer to reaching, remember to celebrate! Adventures and vacation days aren't frivolous fun—they're crucial to helping you be your best self.

Blooming E-Book

Join us as we pour buckets of gratitude for the action steps we've taken, and plan adventures full of the things that fire us up! Download May's #FreshStartSpring ebook Blooming today!

Blooming Art Print

AND - as PowerSheets Community members, take advantage of our exclusive desktop downloads and beautiful "Blooming" Art Print! Find them on your feed when you login to the community site!

Make sure to share your progress in your PowerSheets groups so we can encourage you! We're cheering you on this month, friends!

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