February 2018 Goals Round-Up

Is it just me or did January feel like the longest month ever? This post captured my thoughts perfectly and made me giggle, too!

I knew I was ready for February to roll around, but after our working through my February PowerSheets Prep, I found myself even more excited about all that is to come!

We intentionally created the PowerSheets Goal Planner in a way that makes it applicable for women in all seasons of life. Whether you a college graduate looking for your first job, a working professional, or a stay-at-home momma of three, intentional change will happen when you use PowerSheets. Our monthly goals round-ups give us a chance to share more about how others use their PowerSheets to make their goals happen.

We hope these round-ups give you some inspiration for making progress on your own unique goals this year! Remember to keep sharing your goals with us. We love knowing what you're working towards, and it helps us plan content that will be most beneficial to you!


Photo by Ryann

Have things on your list that inevitably get pushed to the side each month? Take Chelsey's advice and add it to your Tending List to make it a priority.

Charlee added her focus areas to the top of her Tending List as a daily reminder. What a great way to keep things in perspective!

My favorite part of Anna's Tending List? You can see how well-loved it is! She uses the perforation each month to keep it in front of her, and then she tapes it back in at the end of the month. A brilliant way to keep everything together!

Kory learned from her January goals, and she adjusted her February goals accordingly. But she isn't making everything easier; she's still challenging herself to make progress in certain areas, and I love that!

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 8.03.29 AM

Photo by Lizzie

Hearing Nicole's progress about paying down her debt has me so excited about the year ahead for her! She's a great example of how to build on momentum!

Kady's encouragement about goals in the beginning of her post has me nodding my head over and over again. Take a peek at her encouraging words for February; I might have to file those away for a future Tending List of my own!

If you have a few empty progress bars, be sure to read Rach's perspective on progress, not perfection for her emergency fund goal.

If you've posted your goals somewhere, we'd love to see them! Feel free to drop them in the comments, too-no fancy blog required! We can't wait to take a peek and cheer you on!

Don't have PowerSheets yet, and feeling behind? Have no fear! We'll be restocking our Six-Month PowerSheets Goal Planner this Spring. Sign up for our newsletter list to know when they're back in stock! 

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  1. Nicole C
    Nicole C

    I love the round up posts! Thank you for your hard work on this. I got all giddy and excited to be featured! Thank you for the encouragement, it is special to me because I respect you and the other Cultivate What Matters ladies, and of course Lara, so so much!I love seeing all the other ladies' progress and thoughts on their powersheets too. This is the best!! That January 74th post is especially funny and so so true!

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      We're so excited we get to cheer you on, Nicole! You have an exciting month ahead!

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