Three Ways to Prepare for Making Things Happen

Happy Friday, friends! We are so grateful to know the names of each and every one of the lucky ladies joining us for our March 2018 Making Things Happen Intensive! The Making Things Happen Intensive is our in-person two-day workshop. Under the fearless leadership of our founder, Lara Casey, we answer the hard questions, grow in community, and take a deep dive into our plans to cultivate what matters. It's always one of the highlights of our year!

We sold out more quickly than usual for this conference, and your enthusiasm gives us extra joy and energy as we prepare to welcome you to Chapel Hill! If you are interested in Making Things Happen but did not sign up this time, do not despair! We expect to have a fall event, and the best way to be the first to know is to sign up for our email updates here.


If you are one of our March 2018 attendees, here are three things you can do now to prepare well for the conference!

  1. Keep an Open Mind. To get the most out of your Making Things Happen experience, clear your agenda. Admittedly, I made the mistake of coming to MTH with a plan. If you have something you'd like to work out in your heart and head, that's great. But be careful not to decide exactly what you plan to accomplish in your two days in Chapel Hill. You may miss something better. Our MTH process works, and the only thing you need to do is trust the process and give it your all in the moment.
  2. Observe Your Life. While keeping that first point in mind, start observing your life a little more closely. You don't have to come to any big decisions, but just study your current state of affairs. Include the big and small things. What emotions are you feeling most often? How are you spending your limited time? What habits do you regularly keep? What does your behavior say about your priorities? Tune in and collect some good data over these next two months.
  3. Expect Good Things with Confidence. I'm so proud of each of you for taking the leap to attend MTH! It takes bravery to make a big investment in yourself and be open to change. I know, because I've been there! Know that everyone else in the room is likely a little nervous to commit to change, hoping to make some friends, and a little hesitant about opening up and being vulnerable. Remind yourself that you are loved and worthy. Your story is valuable and inspiring. Come to Chapel Hill ready to embrace the experience, and I know you won't regret it!

Not joining us at this Spring's MTH Conference? That's okay! These three tips can apply to how you approach your personal PowerSheets Prep Work, too!

If you're an MTH alum, we'd love to hear what other tips you might add in the comments! Again, if you are interested in joining us for a future conference, sign up for our email updates so you'll be the first to know when tickets go on sale! 

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  1. alison clarke
    alison clarke

    I would suggest that you clear your schedule (as much as possible) for a few days after you leave MTH. I went back to work the very next day and wish I had given myself additional time to process all that I took away from the two days of good work!

    • Catherine Marks
      Catherine Marks

      That's a great point, Alison! I would also add that we recommend you don't travel on Monday or Tuesday (try to be in Chapel Hill Sunday night-Wednesday morning).

  2. Melissa K. Jones
    Melissa K. Jones

    I had wanted to attend MTH since the inception but wasn't able to attend until Spring 2014. I'm glad that I didn't go sooner because looking back I would not have been ready for it. I attended MTH desiring change and open to the possibility of anything happening.

    Making sure I had taken care of my personal and professional responsibilities (getting projects done/out-of-office) before attending allowed me to be truly present. I also appreciated that MTH removed technical distractions (phones and computers) to enhance our experience.

    Once there you have to be willing to dig deep and do hard introspective work. The more honest you are with yourself the greater the impact of the work done at the conference. Don't worry about anyone else around you and what they may be thinking. Just go to absorb, reflect, and do the necessary work for yourself.

    Lara warned us that leaving MTH will challenge us to forget what we learned during the conference. I suggest you use your travel time home to reflect on what you learned. Then set aside time immediately to make an action plan or start on items you wrote down during the conference. This allows you to start "cultivating what matters." Also stay in contact with the women you met during the conference and in the group afterward. This helps you move forward. I met so many great women there and even afterwards. I met Mary in the online group afterwards and we have been friends since. I see here a couple times a year everytime I visit KC.

    Each person's experience and journey is different. For me, it was exactly what I needed at the time. Within a year I had accomplished the 3 major items on my list from MTH but they required me to "jump off a cliff and build my wings".

    Go, soak it all up, connect, do the work, and be present!! It is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. <3

  3. Catherine Marks
    Catherine Marks

    Thank you so much for this great insight, Melissa! These are all wonderful points. It makes me so happy that you still stay in touch with your MTH friends! :)

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