The Cultivate Gift Guide + Holiday Sale

If you're anything like me, your email inbox ends up pretty full during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale week! Retailers are trying to convince you of all the things you NEED to be happy, healthy, and live a FULL life. But here's the thing, we don't actually need many things at all. It's taken me a while, but now I approach holiday sale weeks as an opportunity to steward my finances well and purchase gifts for the people on my list whom I love.

And that was how our team approached planning and preparing the first Cultivate Gift Guide. The first-ever Cultivate Gift Guide is a bit different from your average guide, and we did that on purpose. It’s a curated list of meaningful and useful gifts (starting at $0!) from shops and friends that our team loves and supports–items that are on our personal wish lists or things we love and use each and every day. We've also linked to each of their social media pages so you can follow along to see what sales they'll be offering next week. Our hope is that these gifts help you, and your loved ones, cultivate what matters.

And if you're anything like me, and you're stumped everytime someone asks, "What do you want for Christmas this year?", then the Cultivate Gift Guide might be full of ideas for YOU, too! Me? I've already added that walk in love t-shirt pictured to my list :)


Inside the Cultivate Gift Guide, you’ll also get a preview of what will be on sale in the Cultivate Shop next Tuesday starting at 10 am ET. My personal favorite? The Write the Word journals! It's a great time to stock up on holiday gifts for your loved ones! Best part? No coupon codes or door-busting required. We're kicking our sale off on Tuesday, November 22nd so you can shop ahead of Thanksgiving, and spend the holiday with those you love the most!

I'd love to hear from you: what is the most memorable gift you've ever been given? What is your favorite gift you've ever given to someone? Leave a comment, and let us know! I'll choose one commenter to win a Write the Word // Cultivate Gratitude journal on Tuesday, November 22nd.

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  1. Tedi

    One year my husband gave me beautiful wooden box. Inside were dozens of hand cut hearts and on them he had written the reasons he loves me. I still treasure it almost 15 years later. It's just one of the reasons I tell my daughter I hope she marries someone like her Dad.

  2. Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth

    The most meaningful gift I've been given was a wedding present from my Grammy. She began working on a quilt when she married my Pappy, then set it aside. She picked it back up when she got pregnant with her first born, my Aunt, then set it aside. She finally finished it to give to me, her first granddaughter, on the day of my wedding. Though she decided not to make the trip to Idaho for the wedding, the years of love in the quilt mean the world to me. Our first married Christmas, she gave us her Willow Tree Nativity she had been building for years, and it's now my favorite Christmas decor. They're such meaningful family gifts.

    I love seeking the perfect gift for the ones I love. One year I gave my brother a really cool metal dreamcatcher with wolves on it and he LOVED it. He has always loved wolves since he was little, and the wolf art I've given him is still what he decorates with and loves, so I know it meant a lot to him. Gifts for other people are so much fun to find because you get to show you hear and see them and what they value which is such a gift in itself!

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Congratulations, Sarah Elizabeth! You're the lucky winner of our Write the Word journal. I'm emailing you now! Xx!

  3. Sarah

    My first mother's day, my husband surprised me with engraved lockets for our twins -- one for each boy. I loved it!! I put pictures in and wore it every day. It was such a special thing to have when I went back to work at 9wks! Then -- I lost it. It fell off my neck. I was so sad. So my amazing husband replaced the necklace without my even asking. I still have it, though I need to fix the clasp so I don't lose it again!!

    Still my favorite gift (and regift!)

    • Sarah

      Writing this reminded me about how I wanted to fix it, and I fixed my necklace this weekend! My not-so-babes are once again with me all day <3


    My husband proposed to me on my birthday, complete with a trip to my favorite city, dinner reservations at a sweet little Italian restaurant, and tons of other thoughtful touches. In a fun “God wink,” we now live in that city, five doors down from the Italian spot! Of course the ring was lovely but the real gift was the way he thoughtfully planned the whole day!

  5. Teish

    The year that my husband gave me a sewing machine for Christmas was memorable. I ended up using it to make him a quilt as a Christmas gift!

  6. Jodilynn

    My most memorable gift was from my aunt, she made every family member a family tree book. The hours and all the research she put into this book was amazing, it’s probably my most favorite ♥️

  7. Gina Salas
    Gina Salas

    My nephew loves USC football and one year I gave him a caricture USC themed football picture of my 3 boys. My Nephew loves my boys like they are his brothers and to see his face when he opened it was unforgettable. The most memorable gift I received was an ipad mini. It was so unexpected, I was at a complete and total loss for words. It was the first time I've ever received something where my words were stuck in my throat!

  8. Meghan K.
    Meghan K.

    For my graduation from college (almost a decade ago, where did the time go!) my Dad gave me the incredibly generous gift of a trip to Europe. I was extremely afraid of flying in college and, though I'd studied Art History and wanted to see what I studied in person, I had accepted that I'd never be able to go. He set me up with a guided, month-long trip and encouraged me that I could do it. I went by myself, met an amazing group of people — one of whom is still my close friend today — and started moving beyond my fear. It marked the beginning of a LOT of amazing change in my life. I got the courage to move across the country afterward. It's the reason I live where I live, found the church where I became a believer, and have the job and community I do. It was an *extremely* generous gift and literally life changing. :)

  9. Kaitlyn

    The most wonderful gift I ever received was from my husband’s great-grandmother at our wedding reception. She had been friends with my great-great-grandmother for many years when they attended the same church in the 40’s and 50’s. At some point, my great grandma Ella gifted her a deviled egg plate. Sixty-some odd years later, she gave it back to me. I was able to show my 85 year old Pa-paw a plate that had belonged to his mother! It was such a special and thoughtful gift that I will always treasure!!

  10. Eunester

    The most memorable gift I ever got was from my mom, I was around 7 or 8 and my mom went away to the US to work she was gone for I while I can remember but when she came back she brought me one of the cabbage patch kids doll and said she had more in one of her other suitcases but to this day I never received the other dolls, her other suitcase got lost and never been found but I was so happy I got one since back in those days our parents couldnt afford much, I don’t think I’ve ever given anyone a gift a favoured or I would have just kept it or bought myself on hahaha.

  11. lauren

    My father took my childhood bed, sawed the footboard in half and created a bench for me. It's solid wood and technically an antique haha. It's so beautiful and am happy every time I sit on it.

    I also know it's silly but my favorite gift i've ever given was to my mom...and it was a simply craft light. She didn't ask for it but I saw that even with her glasses on she couldn't see her handiwork well. I bought the lamp and gave it to her. Her face was filled with excitement. She immediately plugged it in and turned it on and "oooed" at it. It made me happy that I got her something she really loved and didn't even know she needed. I feel even with sentimental gifts I haven't been able to top that reaction yet.

  12. Jennifer

    The most meaningful gift I've ever given someone was a necklace I had made for my mom. She lost her dad when I was just 5 and lost her mom when I was 14. We've always been a very close family, and I know there isn't a day that goes by when she doesn't miss them. Many years ago, I found a company that took a photograph you sent to them and created a piece of jewelry from the picture. (And, at the time, I had never seen this done.) When I gave her the necklace, she cried and cried...which, of course, made me cry. To this day, she wears that necklace, and still has people stop her to ask where she got her necklace. We recently were talking, and she said that was the best present I have ever given her. :)

  13. Tiphanie

    The first Christmas after I married my husband he went to several stores tring so hard to find me the "perfect" gift. I of course would of been happy with anything or even nothing at all, but he found this darling little necklace that after 3 years I still hate to take it off. His thought tward it made it souch more special then the necklace itself.

  14. Erin

    I love giving meaningful gifts that are well thought out and have a purpose. Just giving extra stuff is less and less appealing to me the older I get. Simple is sublime, and I want to give gifts that encourage simplicity in the lives of my people. The write the Word journals are perfect for this!

  15. Nora Trienes
    Nora Trienes

    My favourite gift I've ever given anyone is the little decorated book of love letters I gave my partner when our relationship was totally on the rocks. It was just a sketchbook that I painted the covers nicely and wrote a nice quote at the start about the beauty of love, and started off with an honest love letter, but it changed our relationship dramatically. He still proclaims the beauty of that gift, often when handing the book back to me to be read and returned at some point.

    The best gift I ever received, at least one of the best, was when my partner's mother, very proud, very strong, very Korean woman, told me on the second or third visit to her home, that I could drop the formalities and call her 'Mama [LastName]'. It was a huge loving gesture of faith and trust that I would be there for the long haul and that she approved of me for her son, I'll never forget that.

  16. Katie

    GIVING: My favorite gift to give is when a friend finds a new home or starts a new job. For those in a new home, I love sending a new candle to warm their home. For those in a new job, I love sending a “day 1 survival kit” of little things for their new office.

    GETTING: A friend’s New Years resolution was to cultivate her girl relationships. She dedicated a month per friend...& during that month she would send a random, thinking of you care package. It came at the perfect time and gift giving out of the ordinary/for no reason was more meaningful.

  17. Artemis

    There are so many reasons to be thankful. One was when met my husband the night before he left my country. And he is cousin of a friend of mine that I knew from 10 years at that time and I never imagined met him. And after 3 years married we have our beautiful baby girl. That's the most wonderful and miningful gift coming from my lovely husband. I am fortunate to have the best husband and my healthy and strong baby girl. Thank God! I'll always be grateful...

  18. Sarah

    My favorite gift was from a set of couple friends for our wedding. They got a beautiful handcrafted wooden recipe box and filled it with recipes they loved in their families growing up! I loved mine so much that I made one for my brother and sister-in-law when they got married!

  19. Claire

    The most memorable gift I have been given was during the Christmas season and it was a prepared dinner from a friend. It was in a very busy and stressful season of life and meant so much!

  20. Jenna Yeomans
    Jenna Yeomans

    Most memorable gift ever been given : my camera! , My favourite that I’ve given was a set of letters to my mom!

  21. Rachel Purviance
    Rachel Purviance

    A favorite gift I’ve received has to be a handmade felt ornament shaped like the “Luke’s” coffee mug sign from Gilmore Girls - embroidered with his name and everything! Came from a very dear, sweet, talented and fellow Gilmore-loving friend. A favorite gift I’ve given is an art print of an old barn in a field. I have it to my mom because her mom has one similar to it hanging in her house. Every time I go to my grandma’s house this barn picture intrigues me and I look at it often. I wanted my future children to have a barn print to see and think of when they visit their Nana.

  22. Lauren Bugbee
    Lauren Bugbee

    The most memorable gift I have received was a soft, foldable metal chair for Christmas from my parents when I was 14. It was the only gift I received from them that year, on Christmas morning I sat around the beautiful lit up tree snuggled in a blanket with my family. My Dad explained with tears in his eyes that finances were really tight that year so he and my mother decided to buy each child one gift they really wanted and use any extra money to pay bills. It was a moment of deep humbleness for him but I felt so loved and taken care of, he was doing the best for our family even when it wasn't easy. Sitting around the tree that morning I have never felt more loved and safe.

  23. Yana

    It's funny but I can't remember anything extremely memorable except for exotic candy that my aunt used to bring us as kids from Germany. But what I remember is good time around dinner table with family/friends/acquaintances. So I guess it is the gift of time and attention is what I treasure the most.

  24. Katie

    The best gift I have received was a letter from my mom when I became a mother. It is so special to me and I know I will cherish it forever. The best gift I will give are letters that have already been written to each of my boys when they are older. I want them to know how much I will always love them and that they can do amazing things with the Lord by their side.

  25. Laura

    My most memorable gifts are the ones my children make us every year for Christmas. They started many years ago, primitive early on. 😉 When our son was killed by a drunk driver I thought that tradition would die along with other traditions. But our daughter has kept up the tradition and some of the gifts have incorporated him into them.

  26. Aislinn

    My beloved grandpa passed away in September of this year. Just one month shy of my wedding day. The best gift I gave was to my grandmother the day after his funeral. I came over to her house and wore my wedding dress so that she would have something happy to focus on. She loves sewing so getting to see my dress before my wedding day was a gift that made her cry. Then on my wedding day I gave her a letter that I had written to her and my grandpa that she can frame and keep close.

  27. Kelly

    A few years ago for Christmas my dad had all of our old family videotapes transferred to DVDs. We hadn’t seen most of the footage he and my mom captured throughout my sisters and my childhood since the videos had been put away in boxes. But that year we spent all day watching old family videos. We had the best time and it was a good reminder of why holidays with family are so important!

  28. Natasha

    The most memorable gift I’ve received was from my grandmother. She was an avid knitter, and constantly supplied her local pregnancy center with hats and booties for newborns. Before she died, she knitted me a blanket and two sets for my own future little ones. I’ve treasured them ever since, and am so incredibly grateful that in 2018 I will get to take our first baby home from the hospital in this heirloom!

    One of my favorite gifts I’ve given is my husband’s wedding ring. It’s engraved with a saying that we always say to each other, and it just thrills me how much he loves it. He’s constantly showing it to people and always reminds me it’s one of his favorite things.

  29. Diana

    My gift to my husband on our very first Christmas as husband and wife was a beagle puppy. I was able to keep it a total secret, he was so surprised & that little girl was such a wonderful part of our family & began a long tradition of beagles in our house (23 years later!) One Year my husband bought me train tickets for us to take a ride together. So much fun. The best gifts are those with meaning & love.

  30. Rachel

    My favorite gift that I received growing up was a Kindle from my parents. I love to read and we normally did not get expensive gifts for Christmas. But my parents saved up to buy me a Kindle one of the first years they came out.

    As an adult my most meaningful gift was from my mother in law. All of the women on my husbands side of the family have matching jewelry and before we got married they gave me one as well. :)

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