How to Get Started with PowerSheets

Watch our PowerSheets Prep Party replay from December 14! Inside, Lara, Nicole, and Emily chat about how to get started with PowerSheets and some of our best tips for prep work.

Buy the PowerSheets at Shop.CultivateWhatMatters.Com

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    Friday Favorites: December | Neat & Nutritious

    […] Better Goal Setting with PowerSheets // I talk about these a lot, but they are truly a great resource to help cultivate what is important to you in the coming year and tending to those goals to make them happen. Messy, imperfect, real life action steps to get you started for an awesome 2017. […]

  2. Julie

    Just heard about the powersheets and looked at ordering but everything seems to be out of stock. When will you be getting more in? Thx, julie

    • Nicole Yang
      Nicole Yang

      Hi Julie! Yes -- we are astounded by how many people have supported and love our PowerSheets this year! We are looking into restocking them for the summer. The best way to stay up to date is to follow us on Instagram @CultivateWhatMatters :)

  3. Tara

    So we aren't able to get powersheets until the Summer? I was hoping to get started right away.

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      We've opened preorders for Six-Month PowerSheets, but you can start now with Lara's Goal-Setting Series - Xo!

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    The Next Chapter – This Momentary Motherhood

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