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One of the most helpful ways we've found to set goals that are based on all the priorities you've uncovered during PowerSheet Prep is to simply review! Once you finish with your PowerSheets Prep Work, flip back through everything you've written. Circle, highlight, sticker, or mark anything that stands out to you.

Are there themes or words that keep coming up, page after page? Do you see any threads that bind your priorities or challenges together? Review them and use those threads as inspiration for your 2017 goals!

Below, take a look at some of Lara's prep work.

PowerSheets Prep 1

PowerSheets Prep 2

PowerSheets Prep 3

PowerSheets Prep 4

PowerSheets Prep 5

PowerSheets Prep 6

PowerSheets Prep 7


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  1. Deborah Herbert
    Deborah Herbert

    Well this was very helpful and I am sure I will adopt some of the goals for myself. Time to put pen to paper!!!

  2. Kim Gaudreau
    Kim Gaudreau

    Thank you! I'm new to this and it's taking longer to go through planning than I thought. Trying to let go and embrace being messy with some of my thoughts at first!

    • Nevada Weatherspoon
      Nevada Weatherspoon

      Amen and Ditto! It seems like actually putting it all down on paper makes it so real...soo scary! Let's put through sister.

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  4. Xanthe Hilton
    Xanthe Hilton

    I love this. Mostly because I always feel like I am stuck in a rut, and I am definitely not happy at work. Growing through this is hard, but I feel as if I have to do this - and while I am growing I can cultivate the earth around me so that when I am ready I can blossom and thrive. I put pen to paper now, but I can't wait to have my powersheets, so maybe I won't feel so stuck in a rut.

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